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Provides automatic batching of liquid flocculant with water for consistent solution strength.
Fusion Works Melbourne Liquid Polymer Rigs Double Tank


How They Work

The Fusion Works Liquid Polymer Make-down System automatically batches liquid flocculant with water. This produces a homogeneous, activated polymer solution with a consistent solution strength and outstanding characteristics, ensuring full-length polymer chains to maximise process efficacy.

The high-quality water booster pump ensures correct pressure and flow for optimum inversion of the liquid polymer. All our systems are commissioned and tested before dispatch.

Product Capabilities

This equipment is designed to make-down flocculant and coagulant in solutions of 0.5%, 1% and 1.5%. The Nominal design is 18,000 L/hr at respective concentrations. The high-quality pump set ensures correct pressure and flow for optimum inversion without harming the polymer chains.

Product Benefits

  • User-friendly and as maintenance-free as possible.
  • Wet tested before dispatch
  • Optimum inversion without polymer chain harm
  • Designed to make-down flocculant and coagulant in solutions 0.5%, 1% + 1.5%
  • Changeable polymer types
  • Adjustable dosing rates
  • Dosing systems will maintain the set polymer dose rate even when incoming water flows and pressures fluctuate.
  • Draw down columns for simple calibration and commissioning
  • The integrated floc tube design extends contact and reaction time to ensure a high level of coagulation and flocculation.
  • PLC touch screen included for easy control.
Fusion Works Melbourne Liquid Polymer Rigs 2

Designed to be user-friendly.

Fusion Works Melbourne Liquid Polymer Rigs System

PLC touch screen for easy control.

Fusion Works Melbourne Liquid Polymer Rigs Pipes

Functions in small or large-scale plants.

Liquid Polymer Rig Setup

Step One:

Choose the relevant polymer for the application.

Step Two:

Conduct a jar test to determine the solution strength and dose rate in ppm.

Step Three:

Simply enter the results via the touchscreen.

The Rig in Action:

The system will automatically start making-down a quality homogeneous polymer solution and start dosing the wastewater at the dose rate determined during jar testing.


Liquid Polymer Setup Rigs are scalable and can function in small or large-scale plants with ease, as the interface and controls remain the same no matter the system.

An Overview of Liquid Polymers

Polymers and other flocculants coagulate very small suspended solids into larger curds or flocs that are big enough to be removed efficiently from water.

Of all the chemicals used in wastewater treatment, polymers are by far the trickiest to manage.

Common Issues with Liquid Polymers

Choosing a suitable polymer for your wastewater plant is only half the battle.

Assuming the myriad of important operational parameters are well managed, your plant may still not be performing as expected. Something as simple as having a poor polymer make-down and dosing system can equate to sub-standard and inconsistent polymer solutions.

The process of mixing and diluting concentrated liquid polymers with water is called inversion or make-down.

With liquid polymers the initial inversion is critical. If the polymer is not inverted correctly with the correct polymer to water ratio, the solution will be too weak to be of any use or become too strong resulting in lumps that create blockages in pumps and pipework. This generally results in costly repairs to plant and equipment.

Unfortunately, no amount of mixing can overcome poor inversion. Polymer can also be degraded by over-shearing, where the long polymer chains are broken up or sliced up into smaller, less useful polymer lengths.


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