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Our expert team can meet your metal folding and bending needs.

How does it work?

Our high-quality hydraulic CNC press brakes precisely transform metals into endless shapes, angles, and thicknesses needed for various projects.

While a standard bending process requires the operator to carry out programming steps such as tool selection and machine configuration to the determination of bending sequence, offline programming enables us to carry out all these steps upstream by a programmer, maintaining a constant flow of production in the factory.

When precision is essential, we use 3D drawings to produce parts & designs where uncertainty cannot be tolerated.

Fusion Works Folding And Bending Services Melbourne


Our press operators have the skills to produce complex parts, in small and large formats while achieving extremely narrow tolerances.
  • Sheet metal bending & folding
  • Tube & pipe bending
  • Once-off prototyping
  • Large scale production runs


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